Aims and Scope

Beyond the limitation of subject-specification International Journal of advanced humanities Research (IJAHR) aims at the creation, dissemination, and re-invention of knowledge, emphasized by the quintessence of extraordinary and innovative research works. Our multi-dimensional mission is to promote awareness of and compatibility with the dynamics of study area among scholars, academicians, professors, and proponents.


  • Social Studies
  • Arts (theater - literature - acting - folklore) Studies
  • Humanities Studies
  • Literary Studies
  • Specialized Coptic Studies and Theology
  • Historical and geographical studies
  • Legal and Criminology Studies
  • Political Science and International Relations Studies
  • National and Economic Security Strategy Studies
  • National Cyber Security Strategies Studies
  • Economic and Accounting Studies
  • Psychology and Medical Anthropology Studies
  • Medical Economics Studies
  • Occupational Health Studies
  • Hospital Sociology