About Journal

“International Journal of advanced humanities Research” (IJAHR) Published by(Scientific Publishing Unit, Faculty of Education, Tanta University)  is an open-access journal‏ ‏Published semi-annually peer-reviewed open access academic international journal of humanities & social science, In ‎particular, (social studies, ‎arts, and humanities, ‎as well as Arts (theater - literature - acting - folklore) Studies, Specialized Coptic Studies and Theology, Historical and geographical studies, Law Studies and Criminology, Studies Political Science and International Relations, Economic and Accounting Studies, Studies of Psychology and Medical Anthropology, Literary Studies, Medical Economics Studies, Occupational Health Studies, hospital sociology, and this is independent of its kind that inspires up-to-date research endeavor from research territory, latest deliberation, artistic trend, cultural nuances, cross-cultural exploration and subsequent innovation of subjects concerned.

The editorial board of the journal follows the ‎rules of ‎scientific refereeing followed by ‎scientific journals to ‎determine the validity of ‎the articles and papers ‎submitted to it. Each ‎paper is published after ‎written approval by ‎at least two referees. ‎

The journal's Studies is published in four main languages (English - German - French - Spanish).